My Jerk Off Boyfriend

I am not sure what is going on with my boyfriend, but he has this thing about jerking off. It started a couple of months ago after he came home from a boy’s holiday and he said that he needed a good wank once a day. I was a bit taken back, but I had to laugh at him. Sure, I know that men jerk off, but I don’t make a big thing about. Most of the time I do masturbate when I get horny during a quiet shift at London escorts, but I don’t bother to tell the world about it.

Men are kind of funny when it comes to sexual action such as jerking off. I am not sure why they have to make such a big deal about. One of the girls that I used to work with at London escorts used to say it was so they could prove they had control of their bodies. I am pretty sure that has something to do with it. We often presume that men have a lot of self control but that is not always the case. Lots of the guys that I date at London escorts seem to not have any self control at all.

How do you know if a man has jerked off? When I come off the evening shift from London escorts, I can often tell that my boyfriend has jerked off. I am not sure why he does it then, but I think that he is a bit jealous that I am dating at London escorts. The thing is that he leaves little signs. For instance the TV is set to some porn channel, and he is sleep on the sofa. He does not think that I notice, but I do notice. Do I make a big deal about it? No, I don’t at all.

Sometimes I think that my boyfriend would like me to tell him off for jerking off. I have thought about doing it in kind of a controlling fashion. It would almost be like one of the games that I play with my gents at London escorts. We have all sorts of fun at sexy London escorts and sometimes I do tell my gents. I have noticed that they seem to be getting a kick out of that, and I think that my boyfriend would be very much the same. Just for a laugh, I am going to have to do it one day.

All men are wankers to be honest, and I think that women realise that. For some reason, I don’t think that a lot of men think that women masturbate. I love masturbation as a woman, and playing with my sex toys when my boyfriend is not home, is something that I really get a kick out of. What would he say? I would love to know what my boyfriend would say. Sometimes we talk about all of this sort of stuff at London escorts. It is kind of fun, and it makes you appreciate that a lot of men still underestimate the power of female sexuality.…