Natural or Fake


Plastic surgery is very popular amongst American escorts but has their British counterparts taken the fetish up yet? You are so right, says Lavender from Oxford Circus escorts from, so many American escorts have had some gross enhancements, and it just doesn’t look right half the time. As a matter o fact, I find some enhancement surgery disgusting.

One of the things that I dislike is the strange lips. Why do they all have to have such great big fat lips It can’t be nice, and it does not look natural at all. I can understand a nice bust enhancement or perhaps botox, but not the extreme. How do dates feel about plastic surgery? Most dates like natural girls say Tina also from Oxford Circus escorts.

I have some American regulars who come into town a lot, and they often comment that London escorts are more natural. A lot of American gents are very nice and pays us tons of compliments, they make us feel special, and that is great. I do think that most of them mean as I find that Americans are often very genuine with their compliments, says Tina. British guys give you fewer compliments but may by you presents, she adds.  I would not consider surgery as the first port of call, says Lavender.

Most Oxford Circus escorts that I know enjoy keeping fit and this is how I am trying to preserve my beauty as well. Looking naturally good makes me feel better as well, and I am sure that a lot of gents can spot enhancements very easily. As long you have a nice figure, good skin and nice hair, I think that you can make it as an escort in London. We don’t seem to need all of the bum lifts and other stuff that goes with the being an escort over here.

So, are London and Oxford Circus escorts more natural? Reading the reviews on the Internet, it is interesting to note that a lot of gents seem to think so. Many of them have noted that the girl that he dated looked very natural and paid her a compliment in his review. The images of the girls also look very natural, and all of the ladies think that this helps as well. Fake photos are no good, says Lavender, it will only disappoint the gent, and you will not build up regular dates, says Lavender.

Oxford Circus escorts have been around for a very long time and are one of the most popular escorts agencies in central London. The girls may not be very far from famous Harley Street, but the majority of them are not interested. Many of them stay naturally fit and healthy by visiting the gym or just going for walks in the park. There are many fun ways in which you can keep yourself fit in London according to Lavender. It is also easy to find healthy foods, and organic vegetables, all of this can help says Tina happily.