A couple of months ago, I met this really hot girl who worked for a London escorts service. She was so sexy and sweet that I immediately fell in love with her. At the time, she was dating this Woodside bad boy and wanted to get rid of him out of her life. But, he was so persistent that she was having a hard time. The problem was that she did not only want to get rid of him, but she wanted to revenge herself on him at the same time. I knew that I should not get involved but I could not help it.


In the end, she did manage to persuade this guy that she was not interested any more, and he moved on to date some girl at another beautiful London escort service. At first she seemed to be really happy about everything, but then she decided to put her revenge plan into action. She knew where this guy kept a lot of money, and she thought that it would be a smart thing to take some of this money. After all, he could not go to the police and complain that the money had been stolen.


I have to admit that she had really planned ahead. Not only did she have a key to the place, but she had all of the access codes to his bank accounts and credit cards numbers. She said that if she could not get into his place, she would attack him in cyberspace and spend all of his money that way. I had always thought that London escorts were blond and silly, but this girl was anything but. She was really smart and I was soon caught up in all of the intrigue around her life.


Up until this point, my life had been pretty boring and I saw my girlfriend as something new and exciting. When I first got involved with her, I did not mean to take it this far, but I could not help myself. My girlfriend came up with this plan how she was going to break into her ex boyfriend‘s place with some help of her friends from London escorts. I thought that she was nuts but she went ahead with it anyway despite my reservations and warnings.


Her ex-boyfriend did not only have illegal business, he had some legal ones as well. What my girlfriend did not realize was that he had two safes. The safe that her and her friends from London escorts broke into was the one with the legal earnings. Of course, my girlfriend put in the code and did not put her glove on. This meant that her finger prints ended up on the safe. She was picked up by the police, but managed to persuade me to give her an alibi. We survived our day in court but it was the most dangerous thing that I have ever done. Let’s put it this way, I am now known by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the Woodside criminal underworld and I keep wondering when they are going to come for me. Is she still my girlfriend? No, I am afraid that she has moved on.


I gave her an alibi…
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