My girlfriend is one of the hottest girls at Marylebone escorts, and we have a great relationship. When we first met, I was working for this bank in London, but my girlfriend suggested that I give it up. First of all the money was pretty bad and secondly, she thought I was wasted at the bank. She told me that I was a really good looking guy, and could do really well as a male escort. I was totally taken back, but I decided to stay open minded about it.

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A couple of weeks later, we went out with some of her friend from Marylebone escorts for dinner. One of the guys at the dinner worked as a male escort and said that he loved it. Before he got into escorting, he used to be a mechanic and had never thought about becoming an escort. It was not until his girlfriend who works with my girlfriend at Marylebone escorts suggested it, he gave it some consideration.

It was after that I suggested to my girlfriend that I gave it a go. Marylebone escorts service does not provide male escorts, so I found another service in London which was dedicated to male escorts. I was not going to take it on full time straight away just in case I was not good at it. Instead I decided to start on a part time basis, and date a couple of nights a week. To my surprise, it went really well and I soon had a couple of ladies who wanted to see me again.

Gradually, my role as an escort took over and I was dating more often. After a couple of months, I decided to go for broke and gave up my job in the bank. They were a bit surprised, but I did not tell them anything about my new career. The fact my girlfriend worked for Marylebone escorts and I now worked for a male escorts service in London, was nothing to do with them at all. It only mattered to me and her, and we were both happy with our new lifestyles.

Today, I am still working as a male escort and my girlfriend is working for Marylebone escorts. We are both doing really well and I feel like I have landed on my feet. Lets’ put it this way. I did not know that I had a gift for the ladies at all, but I seem to be a natural at it. Some of the ladies I date are really fun to be with, and they seem to like me in a sort of maternal way. A couple of them spoil me rotten, and buy me all sorts of stuff. Yes, I am lucky and I have even plucked up the courage and told my former colleagues at the bank. They were totally shocked and could not believe that I had become a male escort, but there is nothing wrong with that at all as far as I am concerned.

I love being a male escort

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